Comprehensive Cardiology Service Management Solution


Integrated management system for arrhythmia and electrophysiology departments

Enigma CRM/EP is a tool focused on the management of arrhythmia services that interact with implantable cardiology devices, gathering all the information from the different follow-ups, both on-site and remote.

  • Personalised appointment calendar integrated with work and waiting lists.
  • Nursing (general patient data, general physical examination, allergy control, history…).
  • Comprehensive management of all stages of each procedure (pacemakers, ICDs, Holters, etc.).
  • Initial patient follow-up dashboard with dynamic graphs of the implanted devices.
  • Automatic data collection in file format (pdf, xml, csv, HL7…)
  • Implantation data (clinical indication, personnel, radiation control, complications, anaesthesia control, etc.).
  • Native operation IDCO (Implantable Device Cardiac Observation)
  • Automatic collection of discrete data from each programmer
  • Integration of multi-vendor devices and integration of multi-vendor remote monitoring platforms showing all data in a single interface.

Integrated management system for interventional cardiology sections

Enigma Hemo is a tool for the management of all the information generated in a haemodynamics department in each of the procedures, both by the electromedical devices and by the healthcare staff.

  • Personalised appointment calendar integrated with work and waiting lists
  • Comprehensive management of all stages of each procedure (PTCA, Structural…)
  • Dynamic interface according to the type of procedure selected
    History (body data, previous examinations, laboratory data…)
  • History (body data, previous examinations, laboratory data…)
  • Injury map for a quick and effective view of the patient in coronary interventionism
  • Allocation of all the equipment used in each procedure
  • Linking of clinical and procedural information to image files
  • Generation of personalised reports


100% web based system

accessible from

any browser and device 

High interoperability

Interdepartmental with an integration engine.

Multi-language support

interchangeable according to the preferences of each user.

Custom configuration

Tailored to specific


Data mining

Tool for
dynamic queries.

Management of a personalised database

and aligned with the needs of the health professional

Technical support

With face-to-face assistance

at national level.

Based on standards

using IDCO


Full integration

with a large number of modules to

optimise the department’s operation



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